About me

about me Corinn Pruis ArtbyCoco with one of my paintings

My name is Corinne Pruis and I am from The Netherlands. I was born in Zaandam, but I grew up in Veenendaal.

For many years I was a flight attendant, first for Transavia and then Emirates Airline. Because of my job for the airline, I was based in Dubai over 10 years. I have traveled the world and seen many different places and met amazing people. I also spend a lot of time in Canada. Part of these adventures gave me the inspiration for my paintings. Particularly my signature Native American power women, this idea was born due to my travels to North America. Making art runs in my family, creativity has always been part of me. I love using fresh bright colours and portraying powerful women. I usually let the process of making a painting flow organically. I also make commissioned art, where you get to choose your inspirational picture, which I use to create a custom made portrait for you.